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Acupuncture is an ancient energetic medicine with roots reaching back at least 3000 years.  The goal of acupuncture is the balancing of the energetic Life Force (Qi) of the body.  With balance comes health.  The ancient practitioners believed Qi travels in channels and collaterals through the body, creating a harmonious flow that allows vitality and longevity.   With imbalance there is disease.   With stagnation there is pain.

Acupuncture is the art of opening the channels and allowing the Qi to flow and balance through the body.   This may be done using sterile disposable needles that are inserted in specific locations that have been discovered over the ages to free stagnation and open the circulation of Qi.   This opening of the channels may also be accomplished using Cold Laser, heat application, acupressure, therapeutic massage, and other non-insertion methods.   Each patient is assessed carefully to determine which points and methods will be most effective in creating harmony, restoring circulation, relieving pain, strengthening organic function, or expelling invasion by pathogens.   Over time acupuncture has been used to treat almost every disease, and is effective as primary treatment, or supportive treatment for most health issues.   Acupuncture is relatively new to America, and is the fastest growing aspect of alternative medicine.

Auricular Acupuncture auricular3is a specialty using acupoints in the ears.   According to ancient texts the ear is the place where all the channels meet.   The body is holographic, and there are many different systems treating one part of the body to affect another.   The ears are an accessible and powerful place to treat everything from body pain to deep organic issues.   Electrical stimulation, needles, Laser therapy, magnets and ear seeds are used to treat issues throughout the body.   Auricular treatment for addiction is one of the most researched aspects of Chinese medicine in America, and drug treatment programs are in operation nation wide.   Auricular treatment can instill powerful appetite control for food, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.   Auricular therapy is part of many drug court programs, where addicts are allowed to pursue detoxification instead of prison.   Ear seeds are taped over acupoints on the ears and patients can squeeze them to stimulate points, release endorphins, and control cravings or pain as needed.

Herbal Medicine Spicesis older than acupuncture, and has been practiced since the dawn of man.  Herbs are considered medicines in Chinese theory, and include plants, animal parts, and minerals.  Chinese herbal medicine is practiced by the vast majority of Chinese, and is the product of countless generations of dedicated healers.   Many of the earliest writing that have survived the passage of time in China are herbal texts.

Chinese herbology follows a carefully developed theory using the nature, flavor, temperature and character of herbs to build formulas to restore balance and health.    Formulas are combination of herbs that work together to restore harmony to the body.  They may break stagnation, repel invasion, increase blood flow, restore energy, drain heat, stop bleeding….   There are time tested formulas for almost any condition.   Most modern prescription medicines are the result of researching the properties and healing effects of herbs.   Herbal formulas are often very effective in relieving conditions from headache to depression to menopause.   They often do so with fewer side effects than conventional modern medicine.

Tuina waterfall_20massageis Chinese Therapeutic Massage.   Special massage techniques have been developed using the theories of Chinese medicine, and focusing on the points, channels and collaterals used in acupuncture.   Qigong energetic techniques are a part of Tuina, where the vital energy of the therapist is used to shift energy and restore balance in the patient.  Acupressure is a technique where pressing on an acupoint is used instead of a needle to open the point and move stagnant Qi and Blood.

Cupping cuppingis a healing technique applying a glass or plastic cup to the skin by creating a vacuum inside.  The vacuum is used to stimulate Qi or blood flow and is useful in relieving pain, expelling external invasions, and restoring circulation.

Moxa moxa2is an herb (mugwort) that widely used for warming the meridians, to stop bleeding, to dispel cold and pain, and to resolve phlegm and eliminate stagnation.  It is burned on the tips of inserted needles, or in a long cigar like roll that is held over the area of pain, or a chosen acupoint.  The heat is very deep penetrating and effective in relieving pain.  It is often used in menstrual pain, and for pain linked with cold.

Cold Laser Therapylaser therapy is a modern technique allowing deep stimulation of acupoints with light energy.  It is used locally for pain relief, and is believed to insight the mitochondria in the cell to increase energy output.  Laser therapy is help in dispelling toxins and speeding the healing of injury.   Cold laser is effective for cosmetic treatment and allows stimulation of acupuncture points without the use of needles.   It is very popular with needle phobic patients, and allows them to enjoy the benefits of Chinese medicine without experiencing needles.

Nutrition nutrition8is a primary concern in holistic healing, and is critical to the long term health of everyone.   Modern life imbibes us with toxins and pollutants that did not exist in our grandparents’ time.   Many of the complex diseases experienced by humans today have their root in poor nutrition and toxic concentration.   The body is capable of wonderful recovery when it is supplied with necessary nutrition and occasional elimination of toxins.